Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia | Beta Kappa | Coe College

Chapter Officers

Zeki Salah


Hailing from the Big Easy, Zeki will be graduating with philosophy and religion degrees in 2020. In his free time, Zeki enjoys playing squash, listening to experimental ambient music, practicing good dental hygiene, and reading papers about how words and meanings change over time.

Aaron Taugher

Vice President

Aaron "-tch you glad I didn't say" Taugher comes to us from the land that furnishes us with a profound appreciation for craft beer and artisanal cheese. A-A-Ron plans to graduate in 2020 with a degree in oboe performance as well as a greater collection of t-shirts from Ben Folds concerts.

Peyton McGuire

Warden, Historian

Native Cedar Rapidian Peyton wears three hats in our chapter: the warden's, the historian's, and the guy-who-shows-up-to-early-morning-setups-with-a-contagiously-positive-attitude's. You want to talk movie reviews? Rave about the Indianapolis Colts? See the latest and most obscure underground memes? Peyton's got ya covered.

Christopher Robison


Nobody ensures organization of meetings like our buddy Chris, coming from the high deserts of New Mexico to pursue his creative writing endeavors. Unfortunately, the doggo had to stay home.

Corey Evans

Fraternal Education Officer

Having journeyed to Coe via covered wagon through fields upon fields of Kansas sunflowers, Corey educates our probationary members about the history of Sinfonia, the significance of brotherhood, and how to kick absolute butt at Super Smash Bros.

Enzo Nagao

Setup Director

Undoubtedly the cooliest tuba player from the Chicago 'burbs you'll ever meet, Enzo will be graduating in 2022 with degrees in English and Music.

Jonah Prall

Social Chair, Philanthropy Chair, Jazz Summit Coordinator, Part-Time Music Director

From killing it on the bass to knowing virtually every scene from every Spongebob episode ever aired, this guy does it all, folks. Jonah will be graduating in 2020 with a degree in instrumental music education.

Teddy Williams

Alumni Relations Officer

Between wondering how he ended up in finance with an art degree and drinking gin on the porch of his cabin in the mountains, this kohawk-with-a-mohawk manages our alumni database, maintains various social media, and aspires to one day own a dalmatian. His favorite John Denver song is Sunshine On My Shoulders.

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