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Many alumni fear that they have fallen out of touch with an organization that once meant the world to them as college undergrads. On behalf of my collegiate brothers, I, your Alumni Relations Officer, invite you to reconnect through social media: 




I also encourage you to reach out with any comments, concerns, suggestions, or just to catch up - I can be reached by email, by phone at (303) 830-4976, or in person if you're ever in Denver/Boulder and want to grab drinks! I would love to meet you if I have not yet already. 

The collegiate brothers regularly hold chapter meetings on Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM in the choir room, live on Greene 2E, and have a moderate preference for Taco Bell over Wendy's, even if it means a longer walk. 

I look forward to working with you for phi, for mu, and for alpha. Once, always, long live!



Theodore M. Williams, '18


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